sliderimage5Success Leaves Clues (and so does failure!)

Social Media (SM) is no longer a choice for businesses it has has become a worldwide medium which helps businesses to connect and engage with their customers online. If your business is not there – your competitors will be and soon your customers will gyrate towards them, its just a matter of time.

Traffic, leads and customers are all available to you and your business online. Increased brand awareness, better customer service and deeper engagement can all be achieved when you harness the powers of SM and use it effectively.

Success can be measured and SM is no exception.  In this first post of three, I will be looking at the Tracking the Magic Numbers – The numbers that should matter to your business to make sure you are on the right track. These numbers will also help you to answer questions like:

  • What to post?
  • When to post – timings?
  • How often to post?

Ideally, before you even put up your first post, tracking your results must be part of your social media strategy as not tracking your social media is like getting into your car and driving around with no destination in sight – a total waste of time and resources.  Tracking your social media is an important part of ROI as it will tell you a lot – After all the main reason that your business is on social media, is ultimately to make more sales and increase your bottom line

“The man who starts out going nowhere, generally gets there.” ~ Dale Carneige

Also remember that if you are measuring results you’ll need to have some SMART goals too.  For example some starter goals could be to have 500 followers on your profile, post an update 5 times a week for a month, get 50 sign ups to your newsletter or increase visits to your website from SM by 10% etc – Much easier to measure –  What doesn’t get measured can’t be managed and if it can’t be managed it can’t be improved!

The Measurement Tools

There is no need to do the heavy lifting yourself – Each of the main SM channels have their own analytical tools/algorithms that allow you to measure, monitor and evaluate how well your posts/updates are doing in terms of engagement with each of your posts, clicks to your website, social shares AND if you’re putting your cash behind your posts – it will give you the in-depth analysis of your ad campaigns – giving you the option to halt them if they’re not doing as well as you anticipated (linking back to the importance of setting goals)

“There’s no use saying “we’re doing our best.” You have to succeed in doing what is necessary.” ~ Winston Churchill

There are also some 3rd party tools which you can use too – we use Hootsuite to post and measure our post engagements. Google analytics which is a free tool is also a great one as you can input your social media targets, like – the target number of visits you want from your SM to your website and the target numbers from third party websites/ads  – You can then go back and see if you met these targets. What goals have you set for your SM marketing and how do you measure your results, please share your experience below?

In my next post I will be looking at the quality and quantity of engagement on a post/profile – For example -100 likes v 5 comments. Which is better?