Peter Drucker in his book, defined the purpose of a company as ‘to create customers‘. Without customers the company cannot and will not survive so the customer needs have to come first. An unsatisfied customer can always choose to take their  business to a competitor so it is important that we offer the right products at the right price and exceed our customers expectations.  Amazon do this very well – they under promise and over deliver by ensuring that they beat their expected delivery dates!

You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality — Walt Disney

Of course the employees are the ones that create and deliver the products and services to the customers.  So if we don’t treat our best employees right then customer service will suffer.  Our company would also suffer as they will leave the company and as we all know staff costs are the main costs that we incur and having a high staff turnover can increase that cost dramatically – which will eat into our profits.  Therefore if we want to attract and retain the best staff for our business we have to offer terms and conditions that are attractive enough for them to stay and help us grow our business.  Or our competitors will poach them from us.

The quality of your company’s customer service should match the vision you see for your company’s future. Don’t miss the mark by forgetting what your most important assets are — your employees!

We have to be clear about what type of company we are building – including our organisational chart, culture, our processes, level of authority etc before we even start thinking about our staff.  When we are clear about the type of company that we envision, it will be easier to start attracting the right kind of staff.

Always employ better players than you are, Research shows that the type of staff you employ actually says a lot about you as an entrepreneur..

A players employ A players..

B players employ C players and

C players employ D players..

So which one is gold dust? I would say the staff, when I get bad customer service from a company I automatically know that the staff are probably getting a raw deal too! If your staff feel valued they will always create a better experience for your customers.  I tell my clients and companies that I work with that they have to invest in their staff, after all your staff represent your company, your culture and ultimately your failure or success can be determined by how your staff treat your customers.

A chinese proverb says ‘treat your staff like family and your customers like guests and you can never go wrong’