There are two ways to promote your product or service…You can talk about it, or you can get others to!

Others talking about your product and how it has helped them is gold dust.    Asking happy customers to comment on your product is a great way to build your credibility and it shows other potential customers that your product is reliable and your business is trustworthy.  In the service industry your testimonials can elevate you to expert level status in your field.  It will also enhance your credibility.

Always get customers to talk about your product – get testimonials, it proves that someone else has tried your product.  It is a good way to test your market too.  If you are just launching a new product/service, get people to use it – even if you are not paying them.  Ask for feedback and use this to demonstrate the usefulness of your product.

When we see adverts on television, we see those who have used the product talking about their experiences, we are more likely to trust the opinions of others rather than the product/service provider themselves.  It is the same reason that we would rather ask our friends or people we know to recommend a plumber, than just pick one from a google search – 3rd party endorsements carry more weight.

Testimonials can help build trust, increase sales and encourages sceptics to buy.

Make sure your testimonials are authentic, use real people real reviews

Written testimonials are great but videos are more effective if used well

People gain confidence in your products and services and are far more likely to buy from you if you have testimonials on your promotional materials -especially your website.  Make sure your testimonials are detailed and explain the benefits of using your product/service and how it has helped the customers.   The testimonial should also back up your claims about the product, for example if you say your product will increase profits by 10% your customers should be able to demonstrate this in their testimonial.

If you have the resources, try doing some video testimonials, these often carry more weight – as they say a picture speaks a thousand words and being able to see someone speak about the benefits of your product is priceless!  Research shows that while written testimonies can increase the conversion rate by 20%, video testimonials increase the chance of a customer buying from you by over 200%!

We have become so review driven, as consumers  – when I wanted to buy a book on project proposals last week, I went on amazon and read all the customer feedback before I decided on the one – with the most highly rated reviews.  I rarely buy anything these days without doing my independent research.  I read the good, the bad and the ugly reviews before I decide – and many of us are like that now.

Once you have collected your testimonials, you can use them as status updates, tweet them out, put them on your website and printed material.

Here are some of the reviews that I have received over the last few months, be sure to start collecting yours.  Let others blow your trumpet for you!  Get some raving mad customers on your website!