Niche Marketing: The 411

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Understanding your customers is very crucial to business success. Take a moment to imagine that you are the person who wants to buy a particular service, say a hire new accounting firm for your business. [...]

Where are your customers?

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Yes, Where are your customers? If you are re-reading that question or looking around….Then you better keep reading. So you have started the business and sales are trickling in, but could you walk up any [...]

Pitching for Business? Try Networking Pt. 2

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Five tips to take you to the top 20% of successful networkers who follow up!  (It is definitely lonely at the top!) Part 1. Decide on a system to keep your contacts all in one [...]

Pitching for Business? Try Networking! Pt.1

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Coca Cola is one of the world's most recognised brand, yet it still spends over $4 billion on advertising every year.  So if you haven't got their budget: Networking could help you.. Today we give [...]