So you want to be a speaker, consultant or trainer?  How do you get there? What are your Finance goals? Are they all in your head or have you got a clear picture or road map of how you are going to achieve your dream?  Even the holy book says “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” Habakkuk 2:2

Perhaps you have your sights on becoming the next Anthony Robbins, Tony Blair or even Donald Trump (shhh he once earned $1.5M for one speaking engagement!)

So if you imagine yourself holidaying in the Bahamas, a half dressed waiter topping up your pina colada with the ocean gently lapping your feet. You probably also eat at only Michelin starred restaurants, fly first class, get chauffeur driven everywhere? Great! You get the picture…so let’s plan for it.

As you begin (or continue) your journey towards becoming a renowned trainer, coach or public speaker, there is one thing you must know. You need to know your worth in ££££ signs, that is – what you are worth now and also what you will be worth in one year, two or five years from now.

You need to take care of the money before you make it, as well as when you are making it. What do MC Hammer and Donald Trump have in common? They both lost money, but one came back even bigger and richer than before. Guess what? They each got different financial advice and a different mindset.

Having come across many business owners in my profession as an accountant and business coach I have seen many fail for lack of a financial direction. It’s like getting in a car with no destination in mind. Hard to track when you get to your destination, if you didn’t have one when you set out, isn’t it?

There is a popular saying in business “If you cannot measure it – you cannot manage it and you certainly won’t be able to improve it”

Anyway, I know that preparing a business plan might seem like a laborious task, especially a 100 page one. But you don’t really need one of those – that is a myth though, as some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time – Richard Branson and Steve Jobs did not start off with a 100 page back breaking business plan.  All they had was a plan of action on a single page and off they went.

I have come up with a one page business map, which my clients have happily embraced. On one page you can see all your financial projections as well as all your other goals – marketing goals, vision and objectives.   My one page business map is free to download from this website.

To profit from your passion you must take care of business. i.e the Moola – money – the international language spoken everywhere you go.