Yes, Where are your customers? If you are re-reading that question or looking around….Then you better keep reading.

So you have started the business and sales are trickling in, but could you walk up any street and pick out 5 of your ‘customers’? I often ask my clients who they want to sell to..Their answer sometimes shocks me – and them, when I break it down.  They want to sell to anyone with money and a pulse..Now that can’t be possible.  Most businesses I deal with are small/medium sized and could not handle ‘everyone with a pulse’ if their current marketing campaigns were producing 100% results.  If you do not know your customer, how can you create a marketing strategy that will appeal to them? Yes, you can have different types of customers but you can’t use the same marketing messages or even mediums to reach them, effectively.  The more you know your customers the easier it becomes to sell to them.


Some marketing experts swear by the AVATAR – simply put this is like creating a profile of what your ideal customer looks like and you have to go deep here..very deep

Their sex, age, ethnic background, salary, hoMo Obadinabbies, hopes and dreams, type of neighbourhood they live in, house prices, cars they drive, holidays, books they read, where they shop, where they dine out, the schools the children attend – if they have any?


Their problems/challenges, what they read when they need your product/service..You get the picture?  Thats how detailed your AVATAR has to be.  Once you know your customer, it becomes easier to market to them.  As you can target your marketing at them directly, save money and time.  You will also be able to measure the marketing strategies that you are using and improve or adapt as necessary.