Are you struggling to find customers and make a profit? Based on my experience  with new and established businesses and from the training sessions that I deliver, I noticed that there was a need for a simple business map/plan, (not the formal zillion page document that we are familiar with) but something on one page that will show all the important elements of a business – Vision, Mission, Objectives and Cash etc.

I therefore developed a One Page Business Map and with my simple tools and resources it can help the business become clearer about its vision, mission, and will ensure it is focused on its goals and objectives.  This can be put on a wall, which will make sure that it is used more frequently and hence will be more productive than a traditional business plan.  The four week programme is  90 minutes each week for 4 weeks. Each week we will concentrate on key areas of your business to help you get clarity and success, using tools, techniques, questionnaires and my 8 years experience in business to ensure your business growth and success. (You can request a free copy by entering your email into the box on the left).

Modules Covered:

Module One: Firm up Vision and Mission

Module Two: 3 Year/12 Month/3 Month goals

Module Three: Game Plan – Product, People

Module Four: Price, Promotion, Place

Module Five: Funding/Cash flow

Module Six: SWOT on Person and Business

Module Seven: First Steps to Action 3 month Plan

Module Eight: Wrap up and Review

If you are a thinking of starting a business or have already started and are finding it challenging and lack direction then this can help you to get focus and clarity

The One Page Business Map Coaching is offered as a face-to-face session or over Skype

Homework and my expertise will ensure that you have a solid one-page business map at the end of four weeks that will allow you to rapidly turn your business into a profitable and efficient system.



• The owners/managers can spend time working on the business rather than in it
• It uses key words and short phrases so it is very easy to understand, allowing it to be more strategic and versatile
• It offers a clear framework that helps to streamline the business and sets clear and measurable goals
• The organisation/business will have a clearly defined business map on one page, which can be displayed to ensure that objectives are visible to all members of the team.  This will lead to growth and development, which will be reflected in profits and other measures of success