What does it take to build your own system for a successful business. In this issue we are going look at some tips to putting the MOJO in your business from the start.

These FIVE MOJO tips will help:

1) Set up a separate working space in your home.  A small bedroom, in the garage, or perhaps corner of the living room.  This will give you the space and room you need to craft your dream, undisturbed.

2) Stock your working space with the things you need materials.  This sounds basic but one important ingredient of success is that you have easy access to the materials, and other resources you need to save you time searching for them.  So this step can be considered a time management strategy, too.

3) Speaking of time management, your third step is to define the parameters of your business. What days and hours will you work?  When will you market?  How and when will you provide services or products to clients?

4) PLANNING.  One of the most common pitfalls to successful entrepreneurship is getting too caught up in action without enough planning.  “The best approach is to plan your next couple of goals and then work backwards to create step by step action plans to reach them.  Download my one page business map here to help you get started.

5) Network shamelessly.  One of the fastest ways to grow any business is to make connections with other people.  Be sure to share your passion and enthusiasm with others at every opportunity.  Remember, people can’t buy if they don’t know you’re selling.