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You can start your business for much less than you think. Yes, hold onto that vision of your top floor office suite, the private jet in the hangar or an entry in the Forbes rich list – That will come. First, lets get serious and down to business:

1. PLAN: Get a copy of my one page business map here to kick stat your entrepreneurial juices (£REE)

2. DECIDE: Choose your business name and buy a Domain Name and Hosting. Buying your own domain is the best way to go, this ensures you own it and can choose whichever hosting site you want. I use LCN and though it is not the cheapest provider out there, their customer services is second to none.

3. WEBSITE: Set up a free website using weebly- (If you use the paid option on weebly its $4-$8 dollars a month) this will take no more than two hours to set up. If you like challenges you can use word press which is free to set up but may take a couple of days and lots of patience. Google also offer a website package at about £38 per annum, which has a lot of additional features such as online business software, seamless sharing of documents, google hangouts etc. Do note that setting up the website is not the challenge. It’s filling the website with the right content and also the right amount of content (Cost £10 monthly max)

4. FREE MARKETING: Set up your social media sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Facebook page. The Facebook pages have changed recently and you will have to pay in order for your “community of likees” to see your regular posts, however it is your presence online that you are aiming for and all your online sites will help build your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Google (£REE)

5. BUSINESS CARDS: Vistaprint or use, my favourite business printers ever and get a 10% until the end 31st March 2014, using this link (Cost £20 MAX)

6. CUSTOMERS: Online and for physical meetings. Search on Event bright, there are free networking meetings all over London, every day of the week. So take a deep breath and go out there and shine. If you send me an email, I can refer you to a few networking groups that I go to – they are free (£REE)

There you go, just go out and do it. Do not wait for inspiration, you are not aiming for perfection, you just need to get started NOW, don’t deny the world of your talents and gifts any longer.

I used to live by the mantra “what is worth doing, is worth doing well” it killed my productivity…. My new mantra is “What is worth doing, is worth doing badly the first time” This works for me and I am now doing a lot more things, not worrying about getting it perfect the first time, I can always improve later.

“Opportunities never come to those who wait… they are captured by those who dare to attack” Paul Meyer